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Up-Lighting Services

Make your event a visual master piece. IDJ up-lighting services help change the atmosphere into an elegant experience, for a night to remember.

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Let’s light up the night…

Uplighting consists of a series of lights, set up on the floor to shine upwards towards the ceiling, casting a lovely glow to a room.  In some cases, uplighting can even appear to make the entire room change colour.  This type of lighting is a beautiful addition to backdrops, highlighting the head table and the talent of your chosen decorator. Uplighting can be programmed to change to the beat of music your DJ plays creating a fun, energetic show where the walls of the room dance with you and your guests.


We want to earn your trust so that you are completely comfortable knowing that we are responsible for the most important dance of your life.


If you want to have successful shag then you have to have great music. Our experienced DJ’s will ensure that your partygoers stay on the dance floor until closing time and that your draws are completed quickly


Our DJ’s will make your company party awesome. We’re not worried if your party is personal friends or co-workers, a white collar crowd or a blue collar crowd, we have music that everyone will enjoy.


If you continuously hear music at your school dances that your dad thinks is cool, then it’s obvious you’ve never hired us before.


The party you’re planning may be a surprise; we like surprises. Our uplighting services are just what your party need to control the mood for the whole event.


Our team is the perfect addition to any occasion such as retirement parties, anniversaries, company parties, graduation celebrations.